About the conference

Faith and science in the age of secularisation:
Intelligent design-evolution-creation

The conference aims to present the current state of science on issues such as the origin of life and species. These topics are linked to the much-discussed theory of intelligent design (ID) in the USA. As many as four of the six speakers are members of the Discovery Institute, an American think tank that has been popularising the ID theory around the world for years.


​Our speakers will try to show that the scientific data itself, regardless of divine revelation, points to design and intelligence operating in nature and not to aimless evolutionary processes. One of the speakers is an astronomer who will show participants how our planet Earth is unique, and how cosmological data reveal the design present in the universe.


Participants at the conference will be introduced to a number of strictly scientific arguments, derived from contemporary laboratory research, which demonstrate the inadequacy of neo-Darwinism and other materialist theories of the origin of life in explaining observed phenomena at the molecular level.


Furthermore, we would like to show our participants how theories of the origin of life affect their understanding of faith and Scripture. Hence, one of the lecturers is a theologian, studying the relationship between faith and science, who will explain how the theory of intelligent design fits into the wider theological tradition of the Church.


​We are convinced that, at a time when science is so often used against faith, the actual data and facts discovered by modern biology and physics point directly in the opposite direction, that is, they reveal more and more clearly the existence of a Divine plan in the world. Unfortunately, it happens that the natural sciences, like the humanities, are influenced by certain philosophical currents with an ideological tinge, such as atheism and materialism. Sometimes the natural sciences are used to fight against a Christian worldview based on the Bible. However, a critical analysis of the arguments of the 'new atheists' (such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett or Lawrence Krauss) shows that their appeal to 'science' is not well founded and their arguments do not stand up to the criticism of scientists associated with intelligent design.       


The Polish Senate has declared 2023 the year of Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the most famous astronomers of all time. Copernicus, like other founders of modern science such as Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler, was a man of faith and repeatedly emphasised that scientific observation of the world leads to a deeper knowledge of its Creator and Author. For them, biblical Christian faith was not an obstacle to research and groundbreaking discoveries, but rather an inspiration for a deeper knowledge of nature, since in their optics nature is a reflection of the divine plan and wisdom of the Creator.


The aim of the conference "Faith and Science in the Age of Secularisation" is to renew that spirit of harmony between faith and science which once constituted the natural milieu for the development of modern natural science. We hope that our participants will be strengthened in their conviction that even today, in the age of advanced science, it is possible to profess faith in God the Creator courageously, reasonably and without complexes.


​We particularly invite researchers in the natural sciences and philosophers, theologians, catechists, university and school teachers, students and all those interested in the relationship between faith and science.


The organisers will provide meals and accommodation for participants during the conference from the 1st to the 2nd and from the 2nd to the 3rd of June.


The suggested donation for the conference is PLN 400 (92$). Each participant will receive a written certificate of participation in the conference.


We stipulate that the conference is only open to adults.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: info@piotrskarga.pl or phone: +48 607 616 686.


We invite you to a unique conference in Krakow - Niepolomice, Poland !

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